High Heels and Halos – Bayonetta Review [PS3]

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Did you ever wonder what would happen if you gave a witch the skill of ten martial artist masters, four guns and a catsuit and then set the forces of heaven upon her in a gory battle? Bayonetta gives you the opportunity to explore this scenario from the perspective of the witch.

Bayonetta is the latest of games from Hideki Kamiya (Devil May Cry) and Platinum Games (Mad World) published by Sega (Sonic). Landing on the Xbox360 and PS3, Bayonetta follows it’s creators’ roots as a full blown spectacle fighter. That is, a game we’re you beat people (or monsters) in spectacular and (sometimes literal) eye gushing displays of violence and/or finesse and bravado. Half the reward of fighting is how it looks and feels and realism takes a back seat while you enjoy the show.
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