iPhones aren’t meant for continued typing

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A realisation about handheld technology comes after a perhaps uninteresting but pleasant weekend.

So the weekend was nice, if a bit stressful at times. Watched a movie at the cinema and had not one, but two gatherings at home! For me, that’s a lot. Sure, there weren’t more than 7 people at once but it’s probably good that they weren’t all there at once.That’s pretty much been my whole weekend. I logged in a short while for some WoW to kill some turkeys and played some more Dragon Age. Right now I’m mostly looking forward to starting my web design course this week and I’ve been working on a side project of mine in hopes of getting it going.

Most of this I’ve been writing on my iPhone. However, I’ve yet to find a decent app that actually works the way I want. I’d like to just write something down, save it as a draft and then edit it later on the computer. Apparently this isn’t possible, so I have to publish it first and then edit it. That’s ridiculous. Well, at least I had something to do on my break at work today, but I believe that blogging on a computer is vastly superior unless it’s very small posts or micro blogging.

Now I’m gonna do some webdesigning!


Wet Joy

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A great past week, all in all. Loads of new toys and experiences, moreso than expected.

So last week I told how I had just gotten Batman: Arkham Asylum installed and last night I managed to complete the story mode and all the Riddler’s challanges. To make it short, it’s a great game and I really enjoyed it. I’ll probably keep playing it even though I’ve already completed it. The setting is great and there’s some nice twists on it all. If you’re interested in Batman and like videogames, I wholeheartedly recommend that you go and pick up this game.

So I’ve already fallen in love with my new iPhone. I hadn’t realised just how much I’d use it after I got it. My Twitter has surely been invigorated many-fold since I got it. The app I use, Twitterrific, makes the whole thing a snap, both posting and reading. Especially when it comes to “tweeting” pictures and videos. Also, oh great flying spaghetti monster, how sweet it is to finally be able to listen to music and podcasts on the go. I could go on how much I like my new fancy phone, but that brand has already been hyped to kingdom come.

Mine is the red one. Photo taken with my iPhone As if those two things hadn’t been enough for me to have a great week, Karro and I went to buy a kayak this Friday. Unbeknownst to me, she had already planned ahead and bought not one, but two kayaks! One for her and one for me! We got a great price on them as well, and they’re worth every krona (easy for me to say though, I didn’t pay for them). We’ve already been out with them a couple of times.

The first trip, Sunday, there was quite a bit of wind. Very fun, but hard to paddle in. We only got halfway from Framnäs to Östra Holmen out here in Mälaren before we were to tired to go on and turned back. On the other hand, it blew so much that we could literally surf on the waves on way back, and that was awesomeness in a bucket! We made another trip yesterday with a bit less wind, and this time we managed to get all the way out, much thanks to the lack of wind compared to the first day. So of course it was a given what vessel to take today when the scouts arrived: we both grabbed our kayak and paddled on while the other sailed. The wind waned as the evening went on, and as the moon shone out over the lake we could quietly glide next to the boats with ease.

But before I had arrived at Framnäs I had went on a trip to meet up with my sister and her husband. Last year they had given me a card for a free test-dive that I had yet to cache in. This was mainly due to the part that I had been unable to find it the last two months, but just as I gave up on every finding the envelope it was held in it showed itself to me. As of now it’s still warm enough to dive outside, so we drove on to a lake after picking up some gear at their local diving center. Once there Manuel (my brother in law) briefed me on how to use the equipment and various safety instructions, we put on the gear and went into the lake.

Some of you might now think “Holy bovine, wasn’t that cold? We’re in October!” and to that I can only say that, yes, the air is cold, but the water is still warm enough. Besides, the neopren suit I put one kept immediate water warm and cosy and I wasn’t troubled at all by the temperature until I actually got on land and had to actually take it off.

The diving itself was a blast. There was the initial trouble of actually facing downwards and not go belly-up, but that was hindrance quickly overcome after a tip of putting my weight downwards. Then there was learning the right way to breathe and adjust air in your vest for buoyancy, something that was made harder that one of the weights fell out of my vest. Twice. I’m still amazed that Manuel managed to actually find them. After a while I started to get a hang of it though and could start looking around.

The lake was fortunately rather shallow where they had taken me. No more than 4 meters at the most, perfect for the occasion, as I had some water to maneuver in but not deep enough to get diver’s disease. The visibility was about 3 meters, so I was able to clearly purvey the bottom of the lake, and it’s inhabitants. We saw loads of crayfish, some perch and even a couple of pikes, one of them about half a metre. We ended staying down there for a total of 56 minutes, with a few breaks here and there to go topside of course.

It was a great experience and definitely something I am going to do again sometime. Hopefully I’ll have both the financial leverage and time required to start doing some more diving come spring. Here’s for hoping.

All in all it’s been a great week with a lot of ups. This is life as it should be. On Sunday we’ll helping the scouts in taking the boats up on land, but that won’t stop me and Karro for taking more trips with our kayaks. I feel another good week is coming up.

The Joy of New

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There’s something special about getting something new and fresh.

Today I’ve been lucky. Not only was I able to go and pick up my own copy of Batman: Arkham Asylum, but I’ve also finally gotten the mail that I’ll be able to pick up my iPhone today. Double joy!

I know that neither of these are really new as such. The iPhone 3GS has been out for almost two months, longer outside of Sweden and Arkham Asylum has been out for over a month on the Xbox 360 and PS3, but they’re still new to me.

It’s the joy of opening a new package knowing that you’ll have fun with the contents inside. Especially Arkham Asylum (which I’m installing as I write this) that so many have praised, amongst those a friend of mine who I trust dearly when it comes to Batman.

The only downside I see to this is that now I have two things that I would both like to give my full attention to. To add insult to injury I’m working the next 4 days and have some school work to finish in the meantime. Ah well, at least I’ll have something to fill the time with the coming days.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I believe that the installation of my game has just finished.

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