Joining Gamer’s Aspect

April 27, 2010 at 15:48 | Posted in Blogger, Gamer's Aspect, games, review, Wordpress | Leave a comment

A while ago I came to the same conclusion that my friend Ashran did, namely that keeping both the gaming parts and personal notes on the same blog gave it a bit of a jumbled appearance. So I’ve joined up with him and Shino on their blog called Gamer’s Aspect. My first post there is already up where I’ve reviewed Bayonetta. So go on there and have a look.

In the future all my gaming related posts will likely end up there and in the meanwhile I’ll dedicate this site to nonsensical personal drivel. Seeing how I’m starting to get fed up with the way Blogger works I might just start a WordPress blog and export everything over there instead. But at least the links will still work then.


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