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Reviewed domain settings and a web design course sparks a creative streak.

I like making websites. I don’t know why I don’t put more time into it. Probably because I rarely have something useful to make. But now I might have two things coming up where I could use my (somewhat limited) skill set!

To top it off I’ve started my web design course. It’s at a very rudimentary level and so far I’ve done a fourth of the assignments in less than one day without actually learning anything, but that’ll probably come soon. It’s nice to have school work motivating you to spend time on something you like.

Saying that I haven’t learned anything might be a misnomer though. While I haven’t learned anything so far in the study plan I looked up what XHTML actually is only to find out that it’s what I’ve been doing so far anyway, almost. Pretty sweet, since it’s all about how you write the code to make it easier to decipher, and not just for the computer to read.

In the spirit of all this did some fiddling with my domain name. No longer is the adress to this site (even if it does refer to this site) but instead you’re able to just type in! For most people this won’t mean a thing, but I’m having fun with it. At the moment works as well, but that’s only temporary until I get something else up there again. Soon I’ll have access to and then I might change that, but will always work.

I feel delightfully nerdy right now!

Edit: Why, oh why does Blogger add line breaks automaticly in “Edit Html” mode?!

Edit2: Got access to now and moved it over here.


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