Driving Mr. Beldak

December 28, 2009 at 17:14 | Posted in Beldak, car, Celend, winter | Leave a comment

So Beldak arrived by flight yesterday. Yay for that! However, not so much yay for the late flight traffic.

We had disscussed earlier about how he was supposed to get from Arlanda to our place, and the bus seemed a good way to go. It was cheap and reliable, and I wouldn’t have to dare the Swedish winter roads. The downside was that there was only one fare that he would be able to take, and if he missed it he would have to wait until the next day before being able to go anywhere. We agreed he should buy it anyway and in the worst case scenario I would come and get him by car.

Thus the day came when he was going to arrive, so or course the flight was delayed. It didn’t really come as a surpsrise, given it being Christmas, winter and all that jazz, but we were still hoping he’d be there in time for the bus. We kept contacting eachother with text messages and after a while we got to the point where with the expected flight time he wouldn’t make it on to the bus.

So I got ready to get to the car for the nearly two hour drive to Arlanda when Celend graciously offered to come along and keep me company. We then went into the night with music pumping on the stereo and managed to arrive at Arlanda just when Beldak got off the plane it seems, and we got a nice parking spot to boot. It turned out however that the flight was a bit quicker than expected. After we had greeted the flying Dutchman and his lugage we continued to walk past the bus hewas supposed to have taken in the first place. We felt a bit silly.

But we returned safely and probably got home earlier than we would have otherwise, and it also meant that we got to meet up with Beldak a few hours earlier. So it was really worth the trip. I mostly feel sorry for Celend who had to stay up a lot longer than planned, but at least she got a bit of shut eye on the way back.


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